Why men call escorts

What is the appeal of sex with professionals?

Why men call escorts is a question that men know the answer to instinctively, and that women pore over and analyse intensely (often even the escorts themselves!) The reasons behind why men call a companion or visit brothel prostitutes or utilize escort agencies are more than one simple answer.

Paying for sex with a professional has many pros and cons, and the appeal for most men is the naughtiness behind it. Whilst it is becoming more acceptable in mainstream society to utilize the services of a professional for personal needs, it is still somehow taboo on some levels. We are bought up (in well bred families, at least) to believe that sex is to be reserved for someone you love, someone you wish to marry and make a family with. We are told about the consequences of 'illegal' sex, such as unwanted pregnancy, disease, hell...

However as adults tend to want to push boundaries, our society has found a tolerance for the previously considered inappropriate illicit sexuality. We do this by making it still rather hidden and "dirty", yet not officially punishable. So the thrill of doing something which others might find inappropriate, or to be doing something pleasurable that some others may not have access to, appeals to some men. Whether it is an immaturity and ego that forces them to this behaviour, or the maturity of being able to make premeditated choices is debatable. Whatever it is, it excites them.

Sometimes there are things men like to indulge in which might be unsuitable for him to request from his beloved and respected partner. So he would utilize the services of a paid professional for this. He might have been badly hurt in the past, and now avoids any close relationship - but he still has needs and desires which he deserves to indulge in. He can feel safe being in a faux-'close' relationship with his escort or callgirls or brothel girls, as he knows it can never go any further. He fees safer this way, more in control.

Some men might like to experiment and learn with a professional escort, for his own relationships, or he may just find it powerful and exciting to call someone to pleasure him! He may be seeking a suitable partner with whom to share with his own partner, in a couples threesome experience. Whatever the reason, men have been calling and visiting women for attention and affection for centuries - and it will no doubt continue for centuries in the future. It's not called "the oldest profession" for nothing..