Is it cheating to call an escort...?

If you are married or in a relationship, are you being unfaithful when you sleep with an escort?

There are different schools of thought when it comes to what constitutes cheating, infidelity, and being unfaithful. The answer is - it is a different answer for every couple. However it IS something that must be discussed. If something you do is something you would not be comfortable with your partner finding out, then you are cheating -

You are cheating them of being an equal partner in the relationship, and making joint decisions. You are cheating them of the consideration and honesty they deserve. And you may very well be cheating on them in the traditional sense.. Of the time and attention that is rightfully theirs. And nobody wants to be known as a cheater.

So why do men cheat? That can be a complicated answer, as again, the reason may be different for different people. Generally it has nothing to do with their partner, or feeling dissatisfied with them. The cheating party is just following their own selfish desires, not thinking of the consequences. Irresponsible? Yes. Dishonest? Yes. Do they want to hurt you? No. Or they would let you find out..

Why do men call escorts? Well some men just want to do disgusting things that they would never ask their partner who they love and respect. They don't mention it because they hate it about themselves too. They're scared if they tell their partner she might stop loving him.. But sometimes she will be willing to do those things, if he is honest with her!

Some men have sexual addictions and mental or psychological problems causing them to be unable to remain faithful. Others are genuinely unhappy at home, and for whatever reason they can't seem to end the current relationship, so they just take care of themselves outside of it. He may feel obligated to children in the relationship, he may have a problem with confrontation, or he may simply not want to hurt the woman he loves, but is no longer attracted to.

Again, an open and honest conversation offering support could fix all that, but communication is not often some mens' strong point, unfortunately. The couple who discuss their feelings and emotions openly, with kindness and care, can often find a mutually acceptable solution to save the relationship. Perhaps the female has lost interest in sexuality due to children or stress, and would actually be quite comfortable with her partner taking care of his physical needs with escorts, which she would not consider cheating. She may even agree to do it with him, as a bonding or spice-up experience.

Some women might not be aware her partner is feeling dissatisfied; she may be willing to make an effort if he would just let her know how serious the situation is for him. His health and happiness is important too... Some women would definitely consider it cheating, and would be very offended and upset. This is a natural reaction but it is definitely less detrimental to the relationship if you stay calm and talk all the options out;

For those who consider calling an escort cheating, or sleeping with escorts as infidelity; Remember that men think about sex differently than women. For men, if there is no emotion or connection, it is just like a game of tennis for him, a meaningless bit of action and selfish release. Calling escorts does not make him some kind of pervert or freak, necessarily. It can be very painful to feel replaced or unattractive to your partner, but it is a time to learn and grow. Try to see their side too. Try to be mature and objective. Really consider what you might have done to contribute to the situation. But don't give up your dignity. If you feel betrayed, take whatever action you need to, either leaving the relationship or taking a time of separation to think, or seek couples counseling.

Ultimately, whether calling callgirls and professional companions is considered cheating is between the couple themselves. Some would prefer their partner to be with a professional, hygienic escort where there is no chance of it going any further, than for him to have an affair where real feelings could grow. At the end of the day, some people consider even looking at and desiring and talking to other women cheating. Others think sleeping with others is not cheating, as long as their partner knows about it.

Talk to your partner. You owe it to them to be honest, as you would expect from them. This person trusts you, no matter what mistakes they might make or how much personal development they might still need to do. Would you really want to be with someone you can't be yourself with?? You're better off alone than in the company of someone you don't feel is on your side. And as much as we might feel 'there is nobody else out there for me, I'll be alone forever' - trust the universe; People go through this ALL the time, and they ALWAYS meet someone new :-)

You deserve to be happy with someone who meets your needs. We all do. And you owe it to yourself to work on a relationship that means something to you. "To thine own self be true" - listen to your instincts ♥