Escort Etiquette

How to behave as the kind of escort client the girls love to meet!

Want to know how to get more from escorts, and get your escort girls to do what you want? Lear how to behave with escorts, to encourage them to give you their very best service. We all know how to call an escort - search for what you seek, call a few different agencies to do your research, and book with the one you feel most comfortable with, who has the girl you want.

However when you know what to do with her when she arrives, you are a step ahead. Behave like a gentleman with the friendly model escorts, as you would with any date that you asked to join you for dinner or a movie. Simple common sense... Treat her like a lady if you want her to behave like a dirty girl!

Take a shower beforehand if you want any chance of intimacy, enjoy an introductory drink with her, and talk politely til she is charmed by you and approaches you, or allows you to approach her. DON'T RUSH! Be gentle, don't keep asking for things she says no to, and try to show a modicum of consideration for her comfort and pleasure too :-) - Basic respect. Pretty straight forward stuff.

How to behave on the phone:
Behave as you would with any professional receptionist. Common sense again. Be polite and forthcoming with required information if you want her to help you :-)  She is there to assist, so please don't feel threatened or embarrassed, she's heard it all before. Be honest and polite, like you are when you call your lawyer or accountant or the local bank.. She is more likely to want to assist a friendly caller.

Your Experience:
Think about the kind of experience you are looking to have before you call, so you can explain to your friendly receptionist. She will then be able to recommend the models most suited to your personality and needs. Do you want a very sensual, intimate connection, a romantic or erotic experience, less complicated casual girlfriend encounter, or a raunchy showgirl porn star type? Or a mixture? The more information you can give our bookers, (always politely of course), the better she will be able to assist you. Everything is ALWAYS 100% confidential. We are renowned for our discretion and confidentiality.

High Society Escorts are available for luxury outcall to your 4-5 star hotel, or you can visit her at her private home, strictly by appointment only. See more about services available here.

Please call our friendly telephone staff for immediate assistance: 0450 979 579. We look forward to hearing from you and making you smile!

When you are a gentleman, she will be more than a lady, and give you everything! Respect goes a long way :-)