Ways To Spoil Your Escort

Make your escort girl feel great so she will make YOU feel great!
Some might ask "why should I try to spoil an escort? I'm paying her to spoil ME!' Yes, indeed you are and you deserve to be treated with as much special care as you have paid for. However remember you are not buying a car or a pair of sport shoes. You are hiring a professional Person. She is a real person with feelings and human nature. And everyone knows there are ways to get what you want from people, as their human nature responds better to certain things than others :-)

So you can spoil your escort by being friendly and polite, and offering her a drink. You don't need to buy anything for your escort, but it is always nice to receive a small gift and know someone was thinking of you, correct? Depending on your budget, gifts for escorts can include flowers, a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine or champagne, or some pretty lingerie. Her favourite perfume is always a popular gift. Some people like to spoil their escorts with designer shoes and handbags.

You should always receive a positive and enthusiastic escort experience, whether you spoil her or not. But always be friendly, polite and nice, to get the best out of your experience, and to make your escort better. By knowing how to treat escorts, you can be a client that the girls look forward to meeting, and love spending time with, giving you extra effort and extra special pampering :-)