How To Be A Good High Class Escort

Achieving success and high earnings as a high class female companion
Most people these days know how to become an escort. To be a high class escort, one simply calls a few agencies, attends a few interviews, and begins work with the agency she feels most comfortable with. However to be a successful and good high class escort, and knowing how to make money in your new position, is a whole other issue.

If you wish to actually be a busy escort, to get requests and make good money, one has to be more than just a beautiful companion and friendly call girl. An elite escort is first and foremost healthy, hygienic and clean. She is fit, always aware of her health and the fragility of life, and is careful to be good and kind to HERSELF first. Her own health and security come well before her financial concerns.

Second on her list of priorities is her clients' happiness and satisfaction. If she does not genuinely like men, if she does not like being close to people, has any sexual issues or aversion to being touched, or giving genuine affection, she should not be working in the adult service industry. You can certainly select your clients, request brushed teeth before kissing, and leave an appointment if you're not happy.

But thinking of the money and watching the clock til it's time to leave will be no fun for anyone. Not the client, who has paid in good faith for an experience, and not the escort, who will not enjoy herself any more by staying quiet and waiting for the end of the booking. When your clients are delighted with your company and feel like you are trying to provide an honestly good service, they will enjoy their time with you and will usually call back to meet you again.

Be mature and communicate with your clients. Find out what they like, what they want, and try to provide it for them. He is paying a very good price for your time, the least you can do is provide what has been asked for. he girls who put the most effort in to spoiling their clients are the ones who get called back and make more money. The more erotic and explicit you can be, the more he will enjoy it. Let him watch you and touch you within your comfort zone, and try to enjoy yourself as much as he does.

If you can't enjoy your work, you're in the wrong job. Remember the saying 'If you can't do it properly with 100% effort, then don't bother doing it at all'. Why ruin your reputation by doing a shoddy job? Only do what you know you can do well. Remember men want a lady in the street, a chef & maid in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom.. Make yourself into the ideal woman. There is no room for feminism when it comes to making money with men lol! Invest in learning pleasure techniques, massage, striptease. Make it your business to be good at what you do ;-)

Honesty and good morals go a long way. Ethics are what we do when we think nobody is watching. Can you say you always try to do the right thing and maintain good karma, even when nobody knows or sees...? Your reputation starts with your own honesty to yourself. Forgive easily, don't hold grudges, it's bad for your health. You don't have to forget, just let it go in your heart. Wish them the best and feel sorry for them rather than angry at them. This keeps your own nature fresh and soft.

Presentation is key. Go the extra mile. There's no point being fit if your clothing is raggedy or second-rate and cheap looking. Don't go for the slutty hooker or nightclub look. Aim to dress like a very proper lady. Always make sure you have amazing lingerie underneath, and always show your shape but not skin. Wear scarves so you have more layers to slowly unwrap when you are with the client.

Be open to wearing something the client may request, it's his fantasy after all, but then wear an on-the-knee coat, belted at the wait, to maintain your dignity and discretion. Nobody should know you are a paid companion except you and your client! Make sure your nails are always neat, whether you use polish or not, or have long nails or not.

Your hair is your crowning glory, and finishes off your look. Don't neglect it. Take good care of it like you do your skin. Use treatments, visit a hairdresser often to have the ends trimmed. Shorter healthy hair is far more appealing than long dry straggly hair. There's no point having long hair ifit isn't in beautiful condition. get extensions if you wish, but make sure a real experienced professional does them so they look natural and healthy. There's no point having hair extensions if everyone knows they are fake!

Protect your skin with sunscreen and aim to eat well and drink lots of water. Every time you eat some junk food, drink alcohol or take drugs, remember that even after the effects wear off, your skin will show your lifestyle. Remember the saying, you are what you eat. You can't hide that. If you eat junk food, you might put on weight, you might not (yet), but your skin will show it. Same with intoxicating substances.

They may be bad for you in general, but they are REALLY bad for your skin. Everyone can see what your lifestyle is, especially over time. Be smart. Do you really need to be so out of it anyway?? Perhaps if you eat a lot of unhealthy food or ingest a lot of intoxicants, you should consider spending some time with a therapist to discuss just exactly what it is that is driving you to destroy yourself, and what it is you are trying to escape from.

Dealing with your issues is much healthier than trying to escape them - because you can run forever, but they will always be there til you deal with them :-S ...   Don't cover your skin with a pile of make up. Rather, work on making your natural skin beautiful. Then a light make up should enhance that, not try to cover your mistakes.

Invest in your education. If you don't know how to spell or speak properly, you're not high class, you're just an escort. If you swear a lot, or have a defensive, brash personality, you're not high class. Sorry, no offense to anyone. Whatever level of education you have, try to add to it. Natural intelligence and taught intellect are different things too, work on building pure common sense. There are plenty of intellectuals who have been 'taught' a whole lot, but they aren't smart or intelligent, with little common sense. Aim for a balance of both.

Work on being a genuinely nice, good person. An asset to the world and to your community. Achieve things, be known for more than how you look. How would you show others your worth if you were invisible? Do and say things to be remembered by. There's no point being beautiful if you're selfish, stuck up, unfriendly or rude. Being genuinely elite and acting like you are, are two very different things. You can't fake it, so just be yourself at your most polite. But be aware that to be high class, you have to be extremely warm, friendly and tolerant of others. What if others could see your personality instead of your looks? Would you be ugly or beautiful..?.

Do some research on what makes a lady classy, what are modern good manners, and how to be considered elegant. Never stop learning or think 'I know it all now'. We continue learning and growing through our whole lives. Invest in a deportment class or finishing school to polish yourself or refresh your knowledge. That way, those gentlemen who know the difference in the details will see you are a refined lady who has been taught the proper, cultured society etiquette. You might want to do some study and research into international etiquette, as different cultures have their own customs. It always helps to know what is appropriate, depending on which country you are in and which client you are with.

Learn a language. You have more chance of being called for an international travel companion if you can speak at least one other language. Find a culture you love, and add their language to your portfolio :-)

Always continue to invest in yourself. Practise skiing, horse riding, dancing, other talents. Learn an instrument. Gain some knowledge on wines. Study composers, operas, ballets, theatre. Get headlines sent to your twitter or email, so you are up to date on international current affairs. Read a lot. Make yourself a well-rounded sand knowledgeable individual of value. If it's not enhancing your life and making you a better person, it's a waste of time!

Having said that, make some time for yourself. Once a day, spend an hour or so alone, dong girly things, or watching your favourite show, or just resting, reading or sleeping. Do what you love, and reward yourself for being such a fabulous person with so many things to love!

Be your own best friend. If you don't like you, who else will? Always tell yourself in the mirror how you love being you. Be positive. Always remind yourself of all the things you love about yourself, and count your blessings every day. A grateful person is a happy person. If you want to be happy and successful in your life, DON'T compare yourself to others. You are fantastic and unique as YOU. Make your own goals, don't chase what 'they' say is beautiful/ worthy/ desirable. Don't be a sheep following the crowd. And remember things could always be MUCH worse. We live a very blessed, just, safe, free lifestyle. We are at least 80% more wealthy than most others in the world. Check your own position in the world's wealth here with the wealth calulator

Stay out of things - if it doesn't concern you, don't get involved. Less stress! Stay away from 'toxic people'. Surround yourself with high quality individuals, or choose to stay alone. Politely phase out negative people and replace them with positive ones. Don't underestimate yourself. Who are we trying to impress anyway? Your opinion of you is the only one that matters.

Will it really matter when we're 50, whether so-and-so was impressed by us or not? We all get on with our lives, we're born, we die, it's all so irrelevant when you take step back and look at the big picture. People will only remember how you made them feel, so be nice to people and drop your ego. A real person is confident but humble. You'll absorb the energy of those around you. Make sure the people you spend your time with are imparting positive energy. And don't say anything behind someone's back that you haven't already said to their face. If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. Change the subject. What is the saying; it's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice. Just say 'I don't want to talk about it'.

Live with the same high standards in your own life as you do at work. When you're alone and when you're around people. A high class lady, all the way :-) When you are GENUINE, people can see that, and that's when they want to be around you ♥

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