Finding Good Escorts

What makes a good female escort? Where to find escorts in Sydney & Melbourne?

Female escorts in Sydney and Melbourne are aplenty - but what makes a good one? And where to find them in the haystack of Sydney escorts and escort agencies?

First we must consider the basics - reliability, hygiene, health, attitude and discretion. Whilst these things used to be standard in our upbringing and education, my how things have changed... Society as a whole is less refined, less moral, less disciplined. However there are still some well bred individuals who do understand and appreciate manners, quality and true refinement.

Reliability - what is the point of calling a high class female escort if she is not going to show up, or be hours late all the time? Frequent rescheduling and changing of details is the sign of a very unprofessional model escort - this is not the agency's fault, they will always try to make is up to you, no doubt. But if one particular model is difficult, not only will the agency let her go eventually, but she will lose her clients to another model also..

Hygiene - does this point really need to be explained..? Without our civil, clean behaviour we are diseased animals.. Why would you want your future permanently affected by a nasty experience with a low class individual or agency who offers nothing but disappointment i exchange for money? As a mature and intelligent adult, hygiene, safe sex and cleanliness should be your first priority for yourself and others. If she's doing anything without protection with you, imagine what she does with others... and do you really want to put your member where another's might have been, with some disease...? Think about it..

If a female escort's first priority is not her health (in fact if ANYONE'S first priority is not their health!), then they are nothing but a fool. Everyone knows that our health is all we have - all the love, wealth and happiness in the world are worth nothing if you are lying in a hospital bed suffering, or worse, dead! Our health is our most precious commodity, and to play with it is pure foolery.

Those who don't eat well at least 80% of the time, and abstain from dangerous illegal drugs are playing Russian Roulette - and what does this behaviour say about their self-respect? Would you really want to spend time with someone who seeks to degrade themselves, fooling themselves that they are "having fun"?? Be smart. Surround yourself with quality, your surroundings rub off on you...

Attitude - without a warm and loving nature, what is the point of trying to be high class escorts? They must think that people are happy to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars just to touch a beautiful body they were just lucky to be blessed with.. Unless she is humble and genuinely caring, a responsive and genuine person, then you are with a princess or diva, who seems to think she is above you and is doing you a favour by being there and taking your money lol!

You want someone refined and educated, smart and self confident, yet with a healthy sense of her own short-comings, and the non-judgmental knowledge that we are all equal, on different stages in our journey. You need a high class female escort who is more concerned with your comfort and happiness than how she looks in the mirror. You need someone who makes you smile when you think of her, who's memory gives you happy thrills throughout the week. Who makes you feel revived, refreshed, important and virile!

Discretion - one of the most important responsibilities of the elite female escort. A tasteful look is important to maintain confidentiality. If your elite escort does not select appropriate attire to wear, she is not elite.. Anything showy, too short, too low cut, is not tasteful ad refined, but rather tarty - This is all well and good when she is alone with you and entertaining you in person, but in public, she must look and behave with absolute discretion at all times, to be inconspicuous and neat. She must remain closed-mouthed about everything she knows and sees, and always maintain her confidentiality to her clients and agency. Her loyalty is the only part of her behaviour which allows people to truly trust her.